Policy on responsible investment

Applies to all associations managed by Jyske Invest Fund Management A/S.

At Jyske Invest International, we consider it our primary responsibility, in the best way possible, to optimise the return for our investors. Jyske Invest International takes a social responsibility in connection with the investments, meaning that environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues are included in the investment decisions.

The basis of Jyske Invest's work with responsible investment is UN PRI’s Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). UN PRI is a joint declaration on taking corporate social responsibility in connection with investments and compliance with six central principles for responsible investments.

Jyske Invest International cooperates with other investors to practice active ownership in relation to companies with ESG challenges.

Jyske Invest International has entered into an agreement with an external adviser, from whom Jyske Invest International twice annually receives a screening report on companies seriously violating international norms or conventions.

ESG issues are also considered in relation to investment in government bonds. Jyske Invest's investment in government bonds complies with international sanctions and bans adopted by the UN and the EU.

In order to be able to assess the reports from the external advisor, to determine the contribution to the cooperation with other investors about active ownership and to act in situations with ESG challenges, Jyske Invest International has established an internal forum that can convene quickly and decide how Jyske Invest International should act in relation to an investment or a company.

Exercising responsibility when selecting investments is a very complicated matter. Opinions differ widely when it comes to responsible investment. Investors, authorities, media, politicians and interest groups have varying definitions of the concept. Jyske Invest does not wish to be bound by certain conventions or international charters. Jyske Invest International wants to decide on its own which companies and sectors that are socially responsible investments.

The responsible investment policy is available at the investment association's website. Jyske Invest communicates in full-year and interim reports about the latest development in the area. In these reports Jyske Invest communicates the status of the work concerning active ownership including the number of issues and the development.

The policy on responsible investment was adopted by the Supervisory Board of Jyske Invest on 22 February 2018. The policy adopted at any time by the Supervisory Board shall apply.