Information to investors

Jyske Invest's Fund Governance policy

Jyske Invest's Fund Governance policy - based on the recommendations of the Federation of Danish Investment Associations.

Jyske Invest's Fund policy of Best Practice 

Jyske Invest's Policy of Best Practice - based on the recommendations of the Federation of Danish Investment Associations.

Complaints guide

Complaints guide and how to proceed

Membership issues: Extract from the Articles of Association

A description of member rights through an extract from the Articles of Association of Investeringsforeningen Jyske Invest International.

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Guidelines for the processing and disclosure of personal data about investors

Guidelines which have been prepared to ensure how we process and disclose information about you.

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Purpose of our communication

Read about the purpose of our communication and marketing policy

Assessment of the distributors

On an ongoing basis, the Supervisory Board follows up on the quality of the advisory and distributing services to which distributors give investors access.

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Policy on responsible investment

The basis of Jyske Invest's work with responsible investment is UN PRI’s Principles for Responsible Investment which is a joint declaration on taking corporate social responsibility in connection with investment.

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Policy and strategy for exercising voting rights - extract

Voting rights will typically only be exercised in situations where the outcome of a vote is assessed to be of material financial importance to the members.

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Order execution and order handling policy - extract

This policy shall ensure that Jyske Invest Fund Management A/S (JIFM) acts in the interest of the managed associations and funds when executing decisions to trade financial instruments.

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Policy for follow-up on returns - extract

The Supervisory Board has adopted a policy for the follow-up on and reaction to returns which are not up to the targets.

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Share lending

The Supervisory Board has decided that share lending cannot currently be used in any of the funds.