Prices of investment certificates, end of period, for tax purposes

See your prices of Investeringsforeningen Jyske Invest International, end of period

Fund ISIN code Market price, end of period
Jyske Invest Global Equities CL DK0016259930 350.18
Jyske Invest Equities Low Volatility CL DK0060512358 165.43
Jyske Invest Emerging Market Equities CL DK0016260193 226.71
Jyske Invest Favourite Equities DK0060005924 158.13
Jyske Invest Danish Bonds CL DK0016260003 221.24
Jyske Invest Emerging Market Bonds CL DK0016272446 463.95
Jyske Invest Emerging Market Bonds (EUR) CL DK0016261910 242.83
Jyske Invest Emerging Local Market Bonds CL DK0060009751 161.06
Jyske Invest High Yield Corporate Bonds CL DK0016262728 203.41
Strategy Funds

Jyske Invest Income Strategy CL DK0016261670 40.73
Jyske Invest Stable Strategy EUR DK0016262058 164.84
Jyske Invest Stable Strategy USD DK0060729259 108.97
Jyske Invest Stable Strategy GBP DK0060729333 101.6
Jyske Invest Balanced Strategy EUR DK0016262132 146.96
Jyske Invest Balanced Strategy USD DK0060656197 115.22
Jyske Invest Balanced Strategy (NOK) CL DK0060129815 149
Jyske Invest Balanced Strategy (GBP) CL DK0060238194 139.21
Jyske Invest Dynamic Strategy CL DK0060004794 185.99
Jyske Invest Growth Strategy CL DK0016262215 132.33
Jyske Invest Aggressive Strategy CL DK0016262488 158.13

Updated on 31 December 2022