Prices - publication and settlement

Under normal circumstances, orders received by 12:00 CET will be settled at the NAV of that day, published after 13:00 CET. Orders received after 12:00 CET will be settled at the NAV published on the subsequent banking day.


The market values of the Jyske Invest International certificates are determined by the NAV per certificate. The NAV equals the carrying amount of the fund's investments (securities, etc.) per outstanding certificate. 

Jyske Invest International applies the modified single pricing method for issues and redemptions. This means that the NAV is adjusted by a fee. The fee is stated in the Prospectus under each fund.

NAV publication

NAV is calculated once a day. The NAV used for trading is the NAV published at cut-off. NAV is, as a rule, published at

Generally, the NAV on this page is only updated on Danish banking days.


The settlement period is usually up to two banking days. Settlement instructions must be provided at the same time as the order.

Place of settlement is the Danish VP Securities A/S. Settlement details:

VP Securities:

Jyske Bank:
Account 07858

Settlement currency
VP Securities can settle in the currencies EUR, DKK and SEK. Trades in other currencies will settle in EUR as default (can be changed to DKK or SEK).


Normally funds cannot be converted to other Jyske Invest funds.

Dividend payment

All Jyske Invest International funds are cumulative funds.


Taxation depends on the end-client's domicile.