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Investment policy

Jyske Invest Stable Strategy GBP is a share class under the fund Jyske Invest Stable Strategy CL.

The fund invests in a global equity and bond portfolio. Equities account for 0 - 40%. The companies in the equity portfolio are from various regions, countries and sectors. Investment is primarily made in bonds issued by or guaranteed by states, mortgage-credit institutions and international organisations. Assets are also invested in emerging-market bonds and equities and in corporate bonds. These bonds involve a certain degree of risk.

At least 75% of the fund's assets will at all times be invested in GBP or hedged to GBP.

The objective of the portfolio management is continuously to generate a risk-adjusted return which is at least in line with the risk-adjusted return of the fund’s benchmark.
The return is measured over the time horizon which the typical investor in the fund should have as a minimum according to the paragraph on ‘The typical investor’.
The portfolio return is stated after costs of active portfolio management.

If you calculate the fund's expected return on the basis of the most recently published Forecast Assumptions from Rådet for Afkastforventninger (council delivering return expectations) and the fund’s costs, the result will be negative. Hence the fund may not be suitable for investment of means that could otherwise be invested at 0% or more at the same or a lower risk.

Financial instruments

The fund may use derivative financial instruments.


65% JPM GBI Global (Hedged into EUR)
20% MSCI All Country World (Hedged into EUR, NTR)
7.5% ICE BofAML Blended High Yield bonds (Hedged EUR)
7.5% J.P. Morgan EMBI Global Diversified (Hedged EUR)

The benchmark has applied since: 01.01.2012


Strategy funds
Not specified
20,732,000 GBP
229,778,000 EUR