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High risk


The price on an investment may fall as well as rise, and this may adversely as well as favourably affect the value of an investment. Therefore you may risk losing the entire amount invested.

Investors must be aware that investment in a Jyske Invest International fund will always imply issuer-specific, liquidity and counterparty risks as well as risks associated with the investment decisions and the operation of the Umbrella Fund. All the risks mentioned may affect the value of the investments and have been described in further detail here.

Read more about the particular risks for this fund below or in the description of the fund in the prospectus.

The typical investor believes in the value of active management through professional portfolio managers and wishes to benefit from investing jointly with others. Moreover, the typical investor will seek to benefit from the inherent risk diversification that is achieved by investing in one or more of Jyske Invest International's funds as compared to investments in individual securities.

It is expected that the investor is familiar with the risks that is associated with investment in Jyske Invest International's funds and that he or she is aware that the risk profile of a fund can for periods entail pronounced fluctuations in the price of the fund's certificates. Read more about this in the sections on the individual funds as well as the section in the Prospectus on ‘General commends on exposure limits, risks and risk management’.

Summary Risk Indicator

The current risk indicator appears from the fund's ’Key Investor Information'. Please note that a risk indicator level of 6 or 7 means wide historical fluctuations in returns and hence a high risk.

Risk factors

Apart from the general risks involved in investment in a Jyske Invest fund, which has been described at the top of the page, you must in this fund particularly pay attention to the risk involved in:

  • Mixed fund
  • Emerging markets
  • Active portfolio management

Read more about the specific risks here.

Exposure limits

To maintain the general risk profile of the fund, guiding limits have been specified for the distribution between equities and bonds. In addition, limits have been defined for fluctuations in duration and country breakdown vis-àvis the fund's bond benchmark, and for tracking error and beta of the fund's equities.

Key figures - 3-year period
Sharpe Ratio -0.19
Information Ratio -0.31
Beta 1.08
Standard deviation (%) 8.27
Tracking Error (%) 1.10
Updated: 30/06/2024