Investment information


The Supervisory Board of Investeringsforeningen Jyske Invest International has decided that at the beginning of 2023 it will call an extraordinary general meeting at which it will be proposed that the following fund be liquidated:
• Jyske Invest Danish Bonds CL
• Jyske Invest Emerging Market Bonds CL
• Jyske Invest Emerging Local Market Bonds CL
• Jyske Invest Emerging Market Equities CL
• Jyske Invest Income Strategy CL
• Jyske Invest Balanced Strategy (NOK) CL
• Jyske Invest Aggressive Strategy CL (Favourite Equities)

If the extraordinary general meeting adopts the proposal of liquidation, investors will over a period of three months not be able to sell their investment certificates, and therefore Jyske Invest Fund Management A/S already now recommends that investors contact their financial adviser.
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