Updated prospectus of Investeringsforeningen Jyske Invest International


The Prospectus of Investeringsforeningen Jyske Invest International has been updated.

The most important changes are:

  • Various information which is no longer to appear from the prospectus has been deleted.
  • To the funds Jyske Invest Danish Bonds CL, Jyske Invest Income Strategy CL and Jyske Invest Stable Strategy CL a text has been added under the Typical investor since the expected return for the funds after costs is negative if calculated on the basis of the most recently published Forecast Assumptions from Rådet for Afkastforventninger (council delivering return expectations) and the funds may therefore not be suitable for certain investors
  • Section 30 on the financial calendar has been updated
  • The risk indicators in appendix 4 have increased by one for the funds/share classes Jyske Invest Emerging Local Market Bonds CL, Jyske Invest High Yield Corporate Bonds CL, Jyske Invest Global Equities CL, Jyske Invest Equities Low Volatility CL, Jyske Invest Stable Strategy EUR, Jyske Invest Stable Strategy USD, Jyske Invest Stable Strategy GBP, Jyske Invest Dynamic Strategy CL and Jyske Invest Aggressive Strategy (Secondary name: Jyske Invest Favourite Equities) CL

In addition, a number of minor changes of an editorial nature have been made.

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